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Miratell, Inc

4516 North Pine Hills Road,
Orlando, Florida 32808-1933

Phone: (407) 290-8433
Fax: (407) 290-8473

As a Non-Profit Organization serving the Orlando and Central Florida area, Miratell, Inc., provides Free Immigration Counseling, and For-Profit Immigration Form Preparation Services, as well as addressing many of life's other difficult situations.

Many individuals and families in the Orlando and Central Florida area who are not Documented American Citizens often must address various Immigration issues.

At the heart of any immigration issue is ensuring all document are properly prepared and submitted within the proper time period.

Miratell can provide you with experienced Immigration Counseling so that you are fully aware of the proper steps you must take and the time period you have to properly address your Immigration issues.

We can help you review immigration documents and assist with forms completion. There have been a number of success stories and testimonies of successes where other professionals have failed. We are thorough and prolific. We assist in bringing families together thus therefore strengthening communities and support for the individual.

As a function of our Non-Profit Organization, our Immigration Services are two fold: Our Immigration Counseling Services is a no-cost service, while the preparation of necessary Immigration Paperwork and Documents are provided for a small fee which helps fund Miratell's Non-Profit Services.

If you require any of Miratell's non-profit services or affordable for-profit services, contact our offices by calling (407) 290-8433, by use of our online form, or simply come into our office located at 4516 North Pine Hills Road, Orlando, Florida 32808-1933.

If you would like to Make a Financial Donation, a Donation of Materials, Supplies, or Equipment, or you would like to Volunteer, all contributions are appreciated and will be put to use to aid those who are in need of our non-profit services in the Orlando and Central Florida area.


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