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Miratell, Inc

4516 North Pine Hills Road,
Orlando, Florida 32808-1933

Phone: (407) 290-8433
Fax: (407) 290-8473

As a Non-Profit Organization serving the Orlando and Central Florida area, Miratell, Inc., helps guide those in need through life's difficult situations, providing them the ability to once again walk on their own.

Many of our Orlando and Central Florida residents experience hardships which may leave them wondering if they have any options regarding their ability to overcome these difficult obstacles.

In an effort to provide assistance to those in need, Miratell, Inc, as a Non-Profit Organization, offers a variety of helpful services which address the specific needs of others, including, but not limited to:

We also provide for affordable For-Profit Services that help others deal with other real life issues, needs, and goals. Our For-Profit Services are also provided so that we are able to serve those in need of our Non-Profit Organization Services.

Our For-Profit Services include, but are not limited to:

We are service orientated. We aim to make a difference by bringing about change. Miratell's philosophy is to make a difference in the lives of the people in Orlando, throughout the Central Florida area and beyond.

Our organization's aim is touch lives by rebuilding and reestablishing that which is broken or misused. We endeavor to work closely with other entities and to go above and beyond expectation in the service delivery and approach.

If you require any of Miratell's Non-Profit Organization Services or For-Profit Services, contact our offices by calling (407) 290-8433, by use of our online form, or simply come into our office located at 4516 North Pine Hills Road, Orlando, Florida 32808-1933.

If you would like to Make a Financial Donation, a Donation of Materials, Supplies, or Equipment, or you would like to Volunteer, all contributions are appreciated and will be put to use to aid those who are in need of our non-profit services in the Orlando and Central Florida area.


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